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Matte Subway Tile Bathroom Remodel with Black Accents and Custom Vanity by Anchor Construction

Matte subway tile style bathroom with black accents and custom vanity.


Welcome to the Anchor Construction blog, where we take pride in sharing our exceptional projects that bring beauty and functionality to living spaces. In this edition, we are excited to showcase a remarkable bathroom remodeling project featuring a stunning matte subway tile style with striking black accents and a custom vanity. Join us as we explore the details of this project, which exemplifies Anchor Construction’s commitment to craftsmanship, attention to detail, and the creation of exquisite spaces.

A Vision of Modern Simplicity

The bathroom, once dated and lacking character, was in need of a modern and sophisticated transformation. Our client approached Anchor Construction with a vision of creating a space that exudes timeless elegance with a contemporary twist. Inspired by their vision, our team set out to bring this bathroom to life, incorporating elements that would reflect their unique style and enhance functionality.

The Beauty of Matte Subway Tiles

To achieve a clean and modern aesthetic, our design experts recommended the use of matte subway tiles as the foundation of this bathroom remodel. Matte subway tiles offer a sleek and understated charm while providing a versatile canvas for design elements. Their timeless appeal and smooth finish create a backdrop that effortlessly complements various styles and accents.

Striking Black Accents

To add a touch of contrast and sophistication, we incorporated striking black accents throughout the bathroom. Black fixtures, such as faucets, showerheads, and towel bars, were thoughtfully selected to create a bold visual statement against the matte subway tiles. These black accents create a sense of drama and provide a striking focal point, elevating the overall design of the space.

Custom Vanity for Personalized Luxury

In line with our commitment to creating unique and tailored spaces, we designed and installed a custom vanity for this bathroom remodel. The custom vanity not only enhances the functionality of the space but also serves as a statement piece. With carefully chosen materials, finishes, and storage solutions, the vanity showcases both practicality and luxurious aesthetics.

Illuminating Ambiance

Proper lighting plays a vital role in creating a welcoming and functional bathroom. In this project, we focused on achieving an illuminating ambiance that complements the matte subway tile style and black accents. Well-placed vanity lights, recessed lighting, and strategically positioned mirrors create a warm and inviting atmosphere while providing adequate illumination for daily routines.

Attention to Detail and Craftsmanship

At Anchor Construction, we are passionate about delivering the highest quality workmanship and paying meticulous attention to detail. From the precise installation of each subway tile to the flawless integration of black accents and the custom vanity, our skilled craftsmen ensured perfection at every step. We took care of every intricate detail, ensuring seamless transitions and a cohesive design that reflects our dedication to excellence.

The overall finish product


The bathroom remodeling project by Anchor Construction exemplifies the transformation of a dated space into a haven of timeless elegance. The matte subway tile style, enhanced by striking black accents and a custom vanity, creates an ambiance of sophistication and modern simplicity. With our unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail, we have surpassed our client’s expectations, delivering a bathroom that seamlessly blends functionality and aesthetics.

If you’re looking to elevate your bathroom with a touch of timeless elegance and personalized luxury, Anchor Construction is here to bring your vision to life. Contact us today to embark on a journey of transformation, where your bathroom becomes a sanctuary of style, functionality, and enduring beauty. Our team of experts is ready to deliver exceptional craftsmanship and innovative design to enhance your living space.